EDITORIAL: Precaution key to personal safety

Despite living in safe city, students should still use common sense in protecting self, valuables

Little things can make a big difference in life.

Rarely is that more true than in matters of personal safety.

Muncie police said recently that students can greatly decrease the risk of burglary and theft, simply by taking a few precautionary measures.

Lock your doors and windows.

Remove CD faces in cars.

Don't leave backpacks and purses out in the open.

Label your possessions.

Well, no kidding. It seems these things should be blatantly obvious to anyone. But it's not. Students still leave their doors unlocked, and their possessions out in the open. And as a result, students are still robbed and victimized on a regular basis when a little extra care could have easily prevented it.

Use your heads. Just because you're off-campus does not mean you have stepped into an episode of "Leave it to Beaver." Muncie is a safe city, but nowhere is safe enough to not take simple precautions that could go a long way.


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