EDITORIAL: 'Phall Phest' ushers in season of giving

Tuesday night more than 30 students braved the near freezing temperatures to raise money for Muncie Mission. Tents lined the lawn outside North Quad near the Scramble Light as students learned what it is like to spend one night homeless.

The men of Phi Beta Sigma are sponsoring a week of events to raise funds and clothing for the mission that serves Munice and Delaware County's underpriviledged.

Tuesday night's sixth annual "Sleep-Out for the Homeless" is just part of Phi Beta Sigma's "Phall Phest," which continues through Saturday. The week features philanthropic and social events open to the entire Ball State community.

Phi Beta Sigma member Jason Anderson said most people that walk through the Scramble Light look the other way and try not to notice what is going on.

Everyone is busy with final exams and the holidays quickly approaching, but this is not the time to overlook a worthy cause. These students are just as busy as anyone else. Take the time to stop. If you are unable to donate money or clothing, a friendly vote of support also goes a long way.


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