Don't take awway one of students' only means of entertainment

Dear editor,

I'm writing in response to your editorial, "Tailgating does not mean laws can be broken." It's true that the drinking age is 21, however, it is commonly accepted that college students all over the country drink underage. The reason there is "such a commotion" over the loss of tailgating is because we live in Muncie.

Ball State students have very few entertainment options as compared to other schools. This isn't Chicago, where everyone can go party at the bars, check out the museums go to a comedy club etc. We here in "Funcie" are limited to house parties, tailgating and the occasional game of Boggle. With the loss of tailgating I fear an increase of Boggle. If Ball State wants to curtail underage drinking, fine.

But do not continually take things away from the students without giving them back some reasonable alternatives. College students choose colleges based on half education and half culture. Ball State's educational value is dramatically increasing, but will students come when they find out there is nothing left to do here? Muncie must be further developed with increased entertainment facilities before the emphasis will ever be taken off of drinking.


Phil Klein



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