Concert proceeds benefit charity

Blue Bottle show will benefit families over Thanksgiving.

Ball State students will have the opportunity to give back to the Muncie Community Saturday night when musicians Kiersten Huffman and Blueprint Music take the stage at the Blue Bottle Coffee House.

Blue Bottle employee Jeff Lewis and owner Tom Steiner decided the Thanksgiving holiday would be a good time to do a fund-raiser and canned food drive to donate food to the Muncie Mission.

According to Lewis, this food drive has more to offer than normal food drives. There will be high quality music, a great atmosphere and great drinks, Lewis said.

"Whether they like it or not, being a Ball State student makes them part of the community. " Lewis said. "It's a chance to give back,"

The fundraiser also has an advantage over other campus organization food drives -- it attracts other people from outside the campus community. Lewis hopes the Blue Bottle's location will also help out.

"Hopefully it will have a positive effect and draw a wide area of people," Lewis said.

Lewis and Steiner also decided the Thanksgiving holiday had an advantage over Christmas because not many students were on campus during semester break.

"Most students will be able to go home and enjoy a great home-cooked meal. This will be an opportunity to give that opportunity to someone else," Lewis said. "If a bunch of people come and bring something in, it can add up and be huge."

Although participants are encouraged to bring foods appropriate for the Thanksgiving holiday, Lewis said any type of food is acceptable. Cash donations will also be accepted and will go directly to the Muncie Mission.

"These people would consider anything a blessing," he said. "This is a truly altruistic deed. Two bands will be performing and supplying great music. They'll be getting a little, but giving so much more."

Steiner hopes Saturday's event will provide a good turnout. According to Steiner, recent music events at the Blue Bottle have drawn good crowds.

Lewis said that for those who have never been to the Blue Bottle, Saturday night is a great night to make a first visit.

Kiersten Huffman will perform at 8 p.m. with Blueprint Music following at 10:30 p.m. Saturday. There is no cover charge, but canned food donations are encouraged.


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