Comedian started out funny, sputtered out at end

Grade: C+

Comedian Billy Burr gave a rousing performance that quickly turned tepid Friday night at the Student Center Tally.

He warmed up the crowd by asking, "What's up everybody, how's it going? This is great. Three-fourths of a cafeteria full and some paper bricks, (referencing to the set behind him). This is Ball State baby."

Burr got his routine off to a start with some humor about the current war situation. He believed that this is the only time we can appreciate rednecks because of their willingness to go to war, tendency to own American made trucks with American flags, and they already own M-16s.

He also mused on bombing Afghanistan.

"How the hell can you bomb when there's nothing there and its all level? How can you bomb a bunch of homeless people?"

Despite flying in from New York, Burr said he's afraid to fly now and that you have to get with the other passengers and have a game plan and find out who knows how to do shitzu and kickboxing. He also wants all the out-of-shape people out of first class and said, "Wake up you're the offensive line."

Before terrorism, he noted that our biggest problem was shark attacks with everyone asking "what are we going to do?" Burr's response was to get out of the ocean and swim in a pool.

Burr also made fun of TV commercials advertising medicine and their side effects. After taking medicine you go from having one problem to 2-3 once you experience all the medicine's side effects.

Burr said he wondered "why they sneak in all the various side effects at the end of the commercials such as you will have bleeding from your Ass, won't recognize your own mother and one guy thought he was a pigeon."

Burr's love life was another popular subject for the evening. He cited his ex-girlfriend as an example because she was a nitpicker. He thought that he should have just shoved her face into her mashed potatoes.

"The final straw was when I had spent four hours making her dinner, and she complained that my plates didn't match my glasses," he said.

Burr asked if anybody had seen the show, "MTV Cribs," and if it made them feel like a loser?

"Britney Spears is only 19 years old and is like 'here's my helicopter that I painted pink to match my outfit today,'" he said. "I'm 30 years old sitting on a futon eating macaroni and cheese going, 'I'm a loser, I will never have my own helicopter.'"

Perhaps the funniest part of the evening was when Burr spent 10 minutes heckling an audience member who tried to heckle him when he made a joke about Black Entertainment Television. The tables were turned because Burr said this guy must subscribe to the Whites only basic cable package because he did not know that we get BET on campus.

Burr concluded his act by talking about how his parents beat him and his brothers up while they were growing up.

Burr elicited several groans from the audience when he made jokes about the homeless saying maybe they should just be trash men since they're already in the trash. More groans ensued when he made fun of midgets and starving people in Ethiopia. He said since we are college students we still think that everyone is alright in the world. He was having problems relating as to why we weren't laughing, since they do when he tells that joke in New York.


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