Catholics, Protestants not as different as everybody says they are

Dear editor,

In response to the two who bickered over Catholicism, I for one am sick of this ongoing argument between Protestants and Catholics. Just because you go to different churches is no reason to hate the other. Yes, I said churches, you just happen to go to different churches not different religions. You are in the same family of religion. Your both Christians and you both worship God, Jesus and the Trinity. Why is it so hard to get the fact that your both Christians through your thick heads. Just because Catholics have more rituals and are more orthodox about their beliefs does not make them any less christian than protestants. Catholics believe Jesus died for us and our sins, Jesus is God, and that Jesus will come again.

Huh, that sounds familiar. Oh wait I know why... Protestants believe the same things (gasp). Oh no now what are we gonna do. Live in harmony within our own religion? That would be darn near amazing. It sickens me when I hear a protestant tell l, a Catholic, they are going to hell or visa versa. Here's a suggestion pick up a bible if you call yourself a Christian, learn more about your religion and start leading your life as one.

Brian Cook


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