Britney Spears releases album with no substance

Grade: D+

Britney Spears has done it again...and it's not playing with your heart. It's releasing a CD that literally has no substance. Spears has returned roughly a year and a half after her last album "Oops I Did it Again" with "Britney" an attempt to fill shoes bigger than her own.

The album, which will probably sell millions, fails to convince the listener of the reasoning behind these statistics. Spears, on the other hand, is walking around tripping over her heal-cladden shoes with success.

Though she has nationally claimed that she's written all but two of the songs on the album, reality is that only five songs bare her name in the writing credits.

If she truly sat down and wrote the musical lines and melody, hands down, she has learned something over the past few years. However, if she wrote the lyrics, she still has a lot of growing up to do.

Though the album is supposed to represent Spears' coming of age, it results in a mixed confusion of who she really is. The album is filled with "Ooohs," "Uhs," and "Oh Baby"s, and tops it off with panting. The confusion comes when Spears presents this so-called mature music in a voice that sounds like a little girl.

Maybe its over-production. Synthesizing can do a lot for a voice. Just ask Cher about her song "Believe."

Ironically, these songs have an uncanny way of making their way to the top. All of a sudden No. 1 hits don't have to do with musical ability, but production ability.

The song "Anticipating," which is co-written by Spears, gives off another aura of mass confusion. Is she trying to be Madonna or Britney Spears, because the opening music definitely sounds like the material girl.

Spears' cover of the Joan Jetts hit "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" presents the biggest irony of the whole album. Spears loves rock 'n' roll, yet she sings pop music.

Cover songs gone bad are becoming a natural thing on Spears' CDs. Her cover of the Rolling Stone's hit "Satisfaction" converted a combination of pop and sex into a disaster.

The highlight of the album seems to be the song "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman." As senseless as the title may seem, the song is clearly one of the only songs on the album with substance. Written by Max Martin, Rami and Dido, Spears' attempt to vocally dominate a song is successful.

However, this does not make up for the rest of the album. Spears rarely sings in the track "Boys."

"What would it take for you to just sleep with me?" she says seductively. Mothers cover your children's ears. Pop is no longer for everyone.

Although the first take of the album is that the tunes are catchy, the overall album is contradicting. If listening is your pleasure and you like pop music, this just might be in your field.

If you like substance and lyrics with meaning, don't count on it from Spears. A future album that reaches new heights seems highly doubtful. Although Spears will likely release another CD once she discovers she's a woman, it's still likely that the shoes won't fit.


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