'Biff at Ball State' hits the air

Frantic weekend pays off in three-minute segment

After a week and a half of waiting, Ball State students had the chance to see themselves on television Thursday, during a broadcast of "Late Show with David Letterman."

The segment was filmed at Ball State over Homecoming weekend.

During the library segment, Henderson had some trouble finding the right pacing for his line. Late Show director Jerry Foley told him to take it slower, and then a few minutes later told Henderson the pace needed to be quick.

"Didn't you just tell me to slow it down?" asked Henderson, eliciting laughter from students posing for the skit.

"Hey, what's everyone laughing at?" asked Foley.

One of the highlights of the segment took place in President Blaine Brownell's office. Henderson asked Brownell who the most famous Ball State alumnus is, and Brownell instead gave his opinion on the funniest -- Garfield creator Jim Davis.

The show then cut to a shot of Brownell and Henderson on Brownell's couch, flipping through a book of Garfield cartoons.

During filming, Brownell threw himself wholeheartedly into the part.

"That's just his nature," said director of marketing Al Rent, who served as host to the Late Show. "He has a great sense of humor."

The Late Show also showed Henderson marching in the parade -- in several different capacities.

To film this segment, Henderson had to run frantically back and forth near the beginning of the parade, hopping aboard different floats and cars, and playing in different bands.

The Late Show crew then hopped in its rented vans and sped ahead of the parade to the Village, where they filmed Henderson waving from the audience.

Letterman is a 1969 graduate of Ball State, and throughout his late night career has often mentioned his alma mater on the air.

"I attended Ball State University in Muncie, Ind. a long, long time ago," Letterman said on Thursday night's broadcast. "They're so proud of me in Muncie, they named the stadium after me."


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