Ball State does not stand morally firm; condones sex, drugs, drinking

Dear editor,

Sex, drugs and drinking. These are all common issues encountered by college students throughout the country and are nothing foreign to Ball State students. It has almost become commonplace for students to "experiment" with these acts while mommy and daddy are far away. All I can do is encourage those that I know to think twice about what they are doing and to emphasize the seriousness of these life-changing decisions. But how should the school react?

I have a hard time deciphering exactly where the Ball State administration stands on these issues. I would almost have to say that the school encourages such acts. "How is that?" you may ask. Many of you, while heeding nature's call, have found in the bathroom stalls "The Stall News" and "PsychTalk."These two different periodicals are aimed at the events encompassing the life of Ball State students.

This semester three of the issues have been over the topics of sex, drugs, and drinking. For each topic, however, the school does not stand morally firm and essentially condones such acts instead of opposing them. On the topic of sex, the article said that the safest sex is protected sex.

This statement is completely absurd! From childhood we have been drilled that the safest sex is through abstinence, or no sex at all until marriage. Do I assume that this is now false since we are experiencing more freedom and less parental control in college? The topic of drinking is much the same. The article talks about how when drinking at a party, you should not accept drinks from other people and also not leave drinks unattended. Is it too hard for the school to discourage the students from drinking, especially underage? Or does the school fear the loss of half the student body when more strict morals are set?

Lastly, in the most recent issues of "PsychTalk," they discuss club drugs. Again the school does not state their disapproval to the problem of drug usage, but warns only of using club drugs, which seem to be the only harmful type of drugs.

"Dangerous substances known as collective drugs... are gaining popularity and these drugs are 'not fun.'" So I guess all the other types of drugs are healthy, fair game and fun then? Well if that isn't playing it safe with the students, then what is?

I don't understand why the school just can't tell the students how it is. Premarital sex is immoral and is dangerous for both people physically, mentally and spiritually. Drinking is alright in moderation and when of age, but underage drinking is illegal. Excessive drinking is dangerous not only to your health, but also the health of others; and drugs, no matter what type, are not beneficial for you or, in the long run, fun. I just ask that the school does not abandon traditional morals that are in the best interest of the students, rather than play along with what the students crave as to ensure their return (and more importantly tuition) next year.

Jordan Kauffman


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