Greek officers should promote unity

As the semester draws to a close, many fraternities up and down Riverside will be having elections to determine the new leadership that will lead these greek letter institutions into the future.

From new officers will come new ideas, as well as a new fire to accomplish goals that will hopefully benefit the entire greek community as well as the respective chapters from which those officers hail.

It is no secret that there is a burning issue at the heart of our community. And if you look at the greek spectrum there is an ever-growing problem that we all must address. That issue is greek unity.

Ever since I have been an active participant in the greek community here at Ball State, there has been an increasing rift growing among the organizations which comprise it. Rivalry is healthy. It demands of individuals the very best. That sense of brotherhood is strengthened on the intramural fields and various events when brothers associate together and wear their letters with pride.

What is not productive is going to the intramural fields and cutting down the opposition as opposed to building up your own team. What is not productive is being negative about other chapters rather than exalting your own. Be proud. Be honored. But most importantly, be positive. It is the basic element of being a good sport. It is the basic fabric of being the best, which we all claim we are.

There will be people in other fraternities that you will not like. There will be people in other chapters that do not represent themselves or their letters to the best of their ability. Understand though, that nine times out of ten, those people do not speak for their entire house. If you do not like another person, keep it to yourself, and for the love of God, don't let that one individual taint your image of another house.

As new officers transition to their new positions, I hope that someone will step up and make a proactive decision, a decision that could possibly save our greek system for our sons and daughters. It is time for a change. It is time for our greek community to rally and support each other in whatever we do. We may wear different letters, but we are all built upon basic core values that led us to the greek way of life.

Rob Turning, IFC advisor, summed up everything very well. Turning said, "What people sometimes fail to realize is that almost every fraternity is founded upon the same basic principles. We, as a community, need to begin to realize this, and begin to give each other the respect that we have all earned."

It's true. The winds of change are blowing through our university, and it is time for the greeks to come together and fight for our share of liberty and justice. To borrow a line from "Remember the Titans," "We either come together and succeed as a group, or we will fail as individuals." The time is here. It will take dedicated men to make this happen. It will take every ounce of courage strength, and integrity. But it can be done. Our community is strong enough to have its voice heard, but if we don't speak up soon, we may be forever silenced.

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