Everything you need?

"Everything you need." The creative Ball State slogan meant to lure in those contemplating the vast opportunities BSU offers. I just love Ball State. What's so great about it? I shall attempt to explain.

It's the school of opportunity. You have the opportunity to park within 10 miles off campus. When you finally get a spot you can expect the "parking Nazis" to write you up for any reason. Why do we pay thousands of dollars to have this right (parking) taken away from us? I don't understand it. Parking, it's "everything you need."

I'm not sure how those at parking services can sleep at night. Further depriving poor college students by taking more of their money. Last year on a Sunday night, I returned to school at 1 a.m. Tired and reluctant to walk alone I decided to park near the dorm.

I set my alarm clock for 7 a.m. so that I could return my car to the proper lot. I reached my car at 7:05 a.m. and already had a ticket issued at 7:03 a.m. They must have been standing at my car waiting for it to turn 7 a.m. What an exciting life they have; I'm jealous.

When trying to sign up for classes, I was excited about the amount of options open to me. On my DAPR it said "Choose 2 classes" out of a possible ten. Unfortunately, only one or two were actually available. Why give me so many options if they aren't available? "Everything you need."

Where else could a statue of a naked lady be the social icon of campus? It's the only real place to meet your friends or classmates. You would have to be a hermit not to have congregated there at one point in time. Most students could tell you the last important academic mission they undertook at "the naked lady."

Perhaps someday, we'll all be able to meet at the bell tower instead. First they need to get it built though. It's already taken half the time it took to build the first transcontinental railroad. That was over 1,800 miles of tracks laid in the 1860's. Surely we can do better than that on a simple tower. What is the purpose of this tower anyway? "Everything you need."

I'm very impressed with the splendid campus BSU has, but what about those classes that are unavailable? What is the responsibility and purpose of BSU? To provide students with a well-rounded education or dazzle visitors with our appearance? "Everything you need."

I enjoy the endless "hoops" that BSU makes me jump through. Sometimes I feel as if I'm just part of a circus here. Perhaps you feel the same. Every time I go talk to my advisers (what are advisers?) I find out more and more things I have to complete. When does it end? How much am I actually going to use after graduation? "Everything you need."

What would students do without the Scramble Light? Where else would we get lots of scrap paper and useless credit cards? Without the chirping bird we'd all get hit by the crazy drivers. Oh wait. People already get hit. Where are all the wonderful police? I'd rather not know where they are or what they're doing. I will take my own chances before trusting those people. Yet they're "everything you need."

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