BSA: More than 3 letters

I've lost track of what week it is. This semester is all a blur to me at this point. I'm mired what seems like daily in papers, projects and presentations. But I'm not complaining. One I can't afford to waste time doing that and two, I've brought it upon myself.

I only mention this because I realized all of my semester was hazy only this weekend. You see, this weekend I had the pleasure of hitting the road with some of my NPHC family. We went to Ohio, ahem... the Ohio State University for the National Black Greek Leadership Conference. Between the meeting and greeting, the weekend stepshows and parties, the struggle of getting up and the making the hotel iron work properly we were able to attend a few seminars. "Brotherhood/Sisterhood." "Feelin' on Your Kidneys." "Leadership is not a Title." "We need to make a Transition (and it ain't for a step show!)" "Getting Beyond Self-Hate." Okay, not the kidneys one, you had to be there... but I digress.

At this conference it just so happens that two Presidents of Black Student Associations met and conversed, me being one if you weren't aware. We sat around and talked about the differences and similarities in our respective schools. She told me how people view BSA.

"Not necessary. Just a social organization. A hard group to motivate." Sound familiar?

The question came up what would happen if we simply ceased to function on campus. Now pay attention, not cease to exist because then sooner or later people would notice. But simply cease to function. That means we'd be here, but just not do anything. Now before the naysayers begin to say we never did do anything I say this, when and where do we meet? That would silence the majority of you.

I ask what would happen because earlier in the year a disgruntled person who didn't leave their name signed the guest book on our Web site ( Amid claims of elitism, division and pessimism this nameless signee made the mistake of complaining while not attempting to do something about it, amongst a few spelling errors, but hey, minor detail.

BSA functions just as well as its members step up. I'm not saying that our members haven't, just that there's always room for more. No task is too great if we work together. Our upcoming events include a student summit with Sista Souljah as the keynote speaker. She's a renowned activist and author. We are also the lead programmer of Unity Week, the Unity Pageant and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration (among a myriad of other programs), all three take place in January.

We recently showed "Bamboozled" to a less than packed meeting, and one body member expressed irritation that people left instead of watching the movie. She mentioned that if it were Kings of Comedy that it would have been a full room. Hmmm? Maybe we should meet with food next week.

If you were unaware the Black Student Association meets every Tuesday at 5:00 in the Art and Journalism building, room 175. We can be reached by phone at 285-4020, by e-mail at and in person during varying office hours in the Student Center, Room L4.

What are you doing on campus? Even if it's not the Black Student Association there's plenty you can do on campus. Ashley Furnivall might be a good person to ask.

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