Ball State tailgating undergoes new regulations

Tailgating task force chose to upgrade poilice forces before football games

The tailgating task force held its third meeting last Wednesday about the future of Ball State tailgating.

According to Student Government Association president Tommy Rector, faculty, students, university police and university attorneys met to decide the regulations for tailgating Saturday.

"We knew we were going to have to change tailgating," Rector said. "The decision was probably going to be made in that meeting."

Rector said at the third meeting two options were presented. Either alcohol would be completely eliminated from tailgating or police presence would be increased. The task force decided to increase police presence to further enforce state and local laws, according to Rector.

According to Rector, police will check cars before they enter the tailgating area. Other regulations include the prohibition of couches, glass bottles and mass quantities of alcohol.

"The police will be dealing with this at their discretion," Rector said.

The tailgating time limit has also been shortened. Tailgating begins at 10 a.m. and will end at 1 p.m. According to Rector, police will be clearing out the field.

Some students feel that tailgating regulations have gone too far.

"I think it's ridiculous," senior Jarrett Feinstein said. "If they make people leave, they'll go home and keep drinking."

"The purpose of the space is so people can come early then enjoy the game," Vice President of Student Affairs Douglas McConkey said. "We cannot allow the large party that took place at Homecoming."

Rector has warned students through Interfraternity Council and Residence Hall Association about the new regulations, stressing that identification may be checked to further monitor underage drinking.

According to Rector, this resolution is currently in effect for the rest of this year and will be revised after this season.

"The worst that can happen is if there is a major incident which would cause alcohol to be eliminated from tailgating," Rector said.


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