Lauren Donahue

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The scholarship debate

04/04/2016 7:11pm

This week, Ball Bearings explores the impact of scholarships–from the athletes who are paid to play to the low-income students who must afford college without scholarships

Blood money

02/10/2016 10:23am

As college tuition costs rise, students are becoming more desperate to escape their economic burdens. Plasma donation has become a mainstream source of compensation for students seeking extra cash

Healthy Relationships in the Digital Age

10/23/2015 3:45pm

Social media has changed the way people interact in romantic relationships. Ball Bearings asks four individuals from different generations about how new technology has blurred the lines of healthy relationships

Meal in a Ball Jar

04/16/2015 3:06pm

Ball Jars are one of the many legacies the Ball Brothers left behind, and now there is a unique use for them.

Living Without Sleep

04/08/2015 10:15am

“I’ve seen someone stop breathing for 90 seconds during a study.”