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Input 2 S5E2 - Rocky Horror's Cousin

10/16/2018 5:28pm

Welcome back to Input 2. On this week's episode, we will be discussing Repo the Genetic Opera. This timely discussion regarding what some might call a, cult classic, goes into the depths of this odd, rock-horror opera. Tune in to this week's episode of Input 2 to find out more.

A summary of ‘Predator’ lore

09/26/2018 11:16am

The Predator and Alien franchises were hugely influential in the 80s when they began. However, this success would not last with both franchises fizzling as they transitioned into the 90s and into the new millennium. 

Mass shooting at Madden eSports tournament in Jacksonville Landing, FL

08/27/2018 10:57am

Multiple shooting fatalities have been reported by local news outlets in Jacksonville Landing, Florida as a mass shooting occurred at a Madden Football video game Tournament. Vic Micolucci with WJXT news reported that four people have been killed with 11 victims total according to the latest reporting by CNN.  

Heartland Shorts 2018 Highlights: 'The Driver is Red'

08/14/2018 1:32pm

 "The Driver is Red" tells the tale of one of history's most impressive  secret agents. It has the emotional stakes and the gravity of the best  of the best spy stories. Fantastic animation and vocal performances help  make this film one to remember. 

Heartland Shorts 2018 Highlights: This World of Ghosts

08/11/2018 2:43pm

 This 20-minute narrative film is filled with stunning writing, amazing  cinematography and editing, and great interplay between light and color.  It is a gripping thriller that is a must-see for anyone interested in  an exciting yet moving cinematic experience.