Jeremy Rogers

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Rick and Morty Season 3, Episode 9: "The ABCs of Beth"

10/04/2017 4:42pm

Despite the bright visuals of "The ABCs of Beth", the A-plot with Beth and Rick fell flat because of a lack of tension and momentum. On the other hand, the B-plot with Jerry and the kids fell flat because the kids never had agency in the story, and Jerry is still boringly the same as always.

Input 2 S3E2: The horrors of Facebook

10/03/2017 1:47pm

In this episode of Input 2, we discuss one of the newest horror movies to be released this fall, Friend Request, and try to decipher exactly what the creative minds behind the films were trying to say. 

'American Vandal' is a who-done-it done impressively well

09/30/2017 8:49pm

Despite a less-than-satisfying mystery, ‘American Vandal’ is a sight to behold with its strong array of actors and its multitude of genuinely funny moments. While the show may not win any Emmys, it is a solid entry in the Netflix catalog. This fantastic comedy is great for passing time and even better for passing time with friends.