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DC needs to calm down and develop some originality

12/09/2017 9:31pm

Suicide Squad was DC’s attempt at making a Guardians of the Galaxy for their cinematic universe and Justice League tried to have an Avengers vibe. Try something new and different with these characters and you’ll have fans swarm the theaters to witness that movie.

These games really exist

12/04/2017 12:43pm

Now as long as the gaming industry exists many more weird games will and the only thing that we the people can do is play them, question reality, and then go seek some form of mental help.

The Coven S3E6: The Weinstein Scandal

11/06/2017 12:00pm

This week on The Coven, we take a look at the mess that is Harvey Weinstein and the controversy surrounding the recent information come out about him. We address the aftermath of the many women who have come out against Weinstein as well as the overarching issue of sexual assault in Hollywood. Was this a known secret? 

Disney plays it safe: Why the return of Abrams is being protested

10/03/2017 10:40am

Overall, people are going to have a variety of opinions on this matter and I say let them, that’s the purpose of the Internet. However, until the actual film comes out and we, the audience, see what Abrams does with this trilogy’s final installment all we can do is speculate.