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Disney plays it safe: Why the return of Abrams is being protested

10/03/2017 10:40am

Overall, people are going to have a variety of opinions on this matter and I say let them, that’s the purpose of the Internet. However, until the actual film comes out and we, the audience, see what Abrams does with this trilogy’s final installment all we can do is speculate.

Input 2 S3E1: We all float down here

09/15/2017 4:35pm

In this episode, we look at the biggest horror movie in the theaters right now, It. What makes this film better or different than other recent horror movies? Why are children such an important part of horror movies as a whole? how does this film compare to the 1990 Tim Curry mini-series? What do we want from the inevitable sequel? All this and more on this episode of Input 2!