An outline for how to restructure Ball State’s governance system left some in university council questioning if their subcouncil is necessary.

At its March 1 meeting, former member of faculty council Andy Beane and senate officer Karen Kessler presented proposed changes for university governance’s structure to university council.

Right now, Ball State governance consists of four subcouncils: university senate, faculty council, university council and campus council. 

The proposed outline will reappear at the next university council meeting April 5.

Beane and Kessler’s outline would replace those with four subcouncils:

  • University Senate
  • Faculty council
  • Professional staff council
  • Students government council

If passed as-is, the proposed outline will eliminate campus council and change the name of university council to professional staff council. 

Committees within subcouncils, then, would shift, and the academic technology and online distance education committees would be dissolved. 

Laura Helms, a member of university council, questioned the necessity of re-naming and changing structure within what is right now university council, since she said meetings do not have much content as is.

“I think we meet a lot and don’t have anything to talk about,” Helms said. 

This made her question if university council should receive as much representation as faculty council in university senate, Helms said.

Tiffany Peters, chair of university council, agreed with Helms in that different subcouncils should have different treatment, but still said all are important in representation.

“The way in which faculty engage is different and I think Laura is capturing that,” Peters said. “We don’t argue policies that our offices generate. We’re not academic.”

Kessler and Beane recorded suggestions and will present again at the next university council meeting April 5.

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