Since Dec. 4, 2017, fire-based emergency medical services has been on the agenda for Muncie City Council.

Despite tabling the vote on Jan. 8, Ordinance 68-17, which would establish a fire-based EMS out of the Muncie Fire Department instead of Delaware County, isn't on Monday's agenda. 

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If approved, the city of Muncie would have its own ambulance service, instead of going through Delaware County EMS — the city's EMS provider since 1977.

The ordinance would make MFD responsible for:

  • Non-emergency basic life support services
  • Emergency basic life support services 
  • Non-emergency, advanced life support one services 
  • Advance two life support services

“We have had the opportunity to run all of the ALS [advanced life support] runs for the last several years with Delaware County EMS, and we think it is now time for us to step up and take over ambulance service for the City of Muncie,” said fire chief Eddie Bell during the Dec. 4, 2017, meeting. 

EMS services would run through six of MFD's seven fire stations effective May 1, 2018, if approved. Before the ordinance comes back to the council's agenda, it must go through the public safety committee.