Editor's Note: The Weekly is a rundown of the news stories produced by the Daily News since Monday.

First, with pipes bursting in Cooper Science, some students got to skip their first day of class. But unlike skipping lecture, making up for these damages will cost thousands.

Then, the organization of how first responders in Muncie go to 911 calls might change. A reporter who went to the Muncie city council meeting talks about why a vote to move emergency medical services to the Muncie Fire Department didn’t happen this week and what the mayor had to say about it.

And as we get ready for single-digit temperatures, our furry friends need help, too. One reporter describes his conversation with the Muncie animal shelter and how it plans to use its legal powers to help animals left out in the cold.

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Water pipes break throughout campus, costs nearly $5,000 in damages
Muncie EMS vote tabled until Feb. 5
Cold weather causing worry for pet owners

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