Ball State facilities planning and management announced in an email Jan. 10 that McKinley Avenue will be closed for construction from May 7 to Aug. 10. 

During that time Petty/Neely Avenue and Bethel Avenue will be closed to all but local traffic. The section of McKinley Avenue south of the duck pond to the east side of Lafollette Hall will be closed to all traffic.

The areas that will remain open are:

  • Lafollette Hall, Johnson A, Johnson B and Carmichael Hall will be open to all service and delivery vehicles and occupants. Those mentioned can gain access to these buildings from the service drivensouth of the McKinley bridge and west of Carmichael Hall.
  • The H2 residence hall parking lot and the G1 yellow parking lot located along the west side of Carmichael Hall
  • The G1 yellow lot west of Lafollette Hall 
  • The R2 parking lot immediately south of Lafollette Hall 
  • Anthony Apartments will be accessible either directly off of Bethel Avenue or from McKinley Avenue to Bowman Avenue
  • The CAP workshop will be accessible from McKinley Avenue  from either Petty or Neely Avenues

The areas that will be closed are:

  • The H1 residence hall parking lot located along the north side of McKinley Avenue will be closed during construction. 
  • A small section of the C1 commuter lot north of the shuttle bus stop 

Those with questions may contact Jim Lowe at or at 765-285-2805.