The gates to Christy Woods will be locked all day due to safety concerns amid a wind advisory, the Field Station and Environmental Education Center said in an email.

At 4:21 a.m., the National Weather Service issued a hazardous weather outlook for 39 Indiana counties, including Delaware. Due to the possibility of “falling branches and trees,” the Field Station closed Christy Woods, according to the email.

John Taylor, lands manager of the Field Station and Environmental Education Center, said closing the woods for safety issues isn’t uncommon.

Maintenance crews — which includes Taylor — will avoid Christy Woods as well.

“We wouldn’t be outside under trees under this wind advisory unless it’s just a short-term walk-through,” Taylor said.

Visitors generally still walk through Christy Woods at this time of year, Taylor said, but visiting the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse is usually more popular than walking outside.

The greenhouse will remain open Tuesday through its south gate, and the Teaching and Research Greenhouse can be entered through the South Service Building, according to the email.

Although no snow has fallen yet, Christy Woods will remain open unless advised against by the National Weather Service or other safety concerns heading into cold winter months.

“[Christy Woods] is open any day that it’s not too windy, but we don’t clear paths of snow,” Taylor said. “We try to keep the hours that are posted.”

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