The Ball Brothers Foundation gave thousands of dollars to both Ball State and Muncie nonprofits for immediate funding requests the second half of this year, according to a press release.

The Foundation met needs with its Rapid Grant program, which allows nonprofits to request up to $5,000 and receive approval or denial within a week. This year, the Rapid Grant approvals rang in at almost $100,000.

According to the press release, the Ball Brothers Foundation approved half of Rapid Grant requests received this year.

"Though these grants are small compared to many others we award throughout the year, these grants often have an outsized impact,"  said Jud Fisher, Ball Brothers Foundation president.

Among projects and supplies the foundation approved, Ball State received a $1,631 Rapid Grant to build a showcase farm at its Hults Environmental Learning Center in Albany, Indiana.

There, Ball State students will learn about cover crops, which prevent erosion and protect drinking water. The students will also host fields teaching local farmers about practices incorporating good stewardship and conservation.

Other nonprofits that received funding include Muncie Community Schools, Cornerstone Center for the Arts, the Boys and Girls Club, A Better Way and the Youth Opportunity Center.

The YMCA of Muncie will make technology improvements to their three facilities allowing staff members to work at all three branches and increase membership tracking. 

These grants are a small portion of the $7 million annually donated to counties in East Central Indiana.