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A study from The Institute for College Access & Success determined how much student loan debt Indiana college graduates had on average.

Out of the whole country, using data from public and private four-year institutions in Indiana,
the state is ranked the 20th highest in average student debt. 

Utah had the lowest state average student debt at $19,975, while New Hampshire had the highest state average student debt at $36,367. 

Ball State was placed as the sixth highest ranking compared to 12 other public universities in the state of Indiana, with an average college graduate debt of $27,617. 

Purdue University had an average graduate debt of $27,530, Indiana University Bloomington had $28,039, Indiana State University had $27,705 and Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis had $28,951. 

Indiana-Northwest was ranked highest at $29,701. The institute said the data were the best and most recent available figures that were voluntarily provided by the schools, even though colleges aren’t required to report debt levels of their graduates.