The Student Government Association tabled a vote to approve a bill creating an independent Cardinal Kitchen review committee within student senate Wednesday.

If approved, the bill will grant the committee power only to make financial recommendations, not to mandate where funds are spent.

Kelly Eby, an author of the bill and the potential chair of the committee, asked the senate floor to table the vote to allow time to research “where communication issues lie between SGA and Cardinal Kitchen.”

In discussion following the bill’s reading at student senate Nov. 1, Eby said students approached SGA with concerns over the organization’s food quality.

Because Cardinal Kitchen’s funding comes solely from SGA, it became necessary to relay those concerns to the organization, Eby told the Daily News.

This committee existed last year as ad hoc, which lasts only the amount of time for which its legislation permits. Passing this bill would make it a recurring, independent committee.

“One of our initial issues was realizing the legislation on behalf of the ad hoc committee was rushed,” Eby said. “So we put out the legislation first before actually meeting with not only the executive director but the entire board of Cardinal Kitchen.”

Now, the ad hoc committee is meeting with Cardinal Kitchen’s executive board to see how to improve open communication.

The bill will stay on the agenda for next week's meeting.

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