The round meeting area near the College of Architecture and Planning building, commonly known to students as the ashtray, is fixed. 

Last year, students banded together to try and fix the ashtray by signing petitions and bringing up the issue at Student Government Association meetings. The university promised the reconstruction would be complete by fall of 2017.

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Jim Lowe, associate vice president for facilities planning and management, said over email that the seating area was constructed in 2002. The seats are made of “limestone, mortar and caulk joints” while the walkway was composed of “a granite type stone.”  

The walking surface became cracked and broken, and the seating area was also due for a repair. 

“Based upon the conditions noted and age it was, we decided to replace the walk surface, improve the drainage, and at the same time make repairs to the limestone seating,” said Lowe.

The university placed new stones in the walkway, making the are accessible for students in wheelchairs, added flowers and enhanced the seating area.

Lowe said that there are plans to update the concrete walkway that connects the ashtray to McKinley next summer. 

“In providing such amenities such as this seating area on campus we hope everyone — students, faculty, staff and visitors — will find this location not only a place to relax but also a place to socialize,” said Lowe.