Ball State students are showing their support for victims of Hurricane Harvey.  It is not too late to share your support for Houston by signing a heart.  

The Student Government Association and the Residence Hall Association have joined together to host Hearts for Houston, an event that shows support for those affected by the Hurricane in Houston. People are donating to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts as well as signing a large, white heart made of wood.  The heart is currently in the SGA office where it will remain until it is filled with signatures.

Last Wednesday, students stopped by the Student Center by to learn more about the effort. 

If you would like to donate, you can do so on the All Hands website.

At their table there was a large wooden heart that was painted white for students to sign their names and a Ball Mason Jar for those who wanted to donate any loose change that they had.

RHA President Kathy Berryhill and SGA President Greg Carbo knew that they wanted to do something to help those in Houston that were affected by the hurricane. The two leaders stressed that they wanted to give those struggling in Houston a morale boost as they continue to rebuild.

“We decided to host this event to show that the Ball State community is supporting the Houston community,” Berryhill said. “RHA and SGA are two of the largest student organizations on-campus so we thought it would be a great idea to lead the way on this.”

“The overall goal of this event is to help raise awareness around campus for the tragedy that happened in Houston,” Carbo said. “We want to show Houston that the Ball State community cares and we want to be as supportive as possible.”

Allyssa Burdine, junior genetics major, signed the heart and also made a donation to help those in Houston on her own. “I have made a personal donation of $100 already to those in Houston and I am hoping to donate more,” Burdine said. “It is tough for college students to donate to disaster relief organizations because many of tight budgets, but every little bit counts.”

More than $50 in loose change was raised from student donations during the event and all donations will go to the non-profit organization All Hands. 

Berryhill says that RHA and SGA could potentially team up again for an event like this to help victims of Hurricane Irma in Florida. A final decision on whether or not an event like this will take place for Hurricane Irma victims will be discussed at the next meeting between the executive boards of RHA and SGA.  

If you missed the Hearts for Houston event and would like to donate still you can do so on the All Hands website.