The kiosk located between Bracken Library and the Noyer Complex was knocked down Wednesday. 

The incident occurred a little before noon when a delivery truck hit the kiosk, destroying its base, according to Jim Lowe, associate vice president for facilities, planning and management. 

Lacey Elliott, a freshman mental health psychology and social work double major, says she saw the incident occur on her way back from class.

"I was walking back to Studebaker West on the path by Bracken Library and the driver of the Boar's Head delivery truck was trying to turn around and drove onto the sidewalk in front of Noyer," Elliott said. "When he was making the turn around the community board, he went into the grass and turned sharp, knocking over the board. [He] saw people taking pictures and sped off campus and almost hit me."

Elliott said that scratches from the bulletin board could be seen on the driver's side of the truck. 

The kiosk was the last original 360-degree bulletin unit on campus, as the new ones, such as those located on McKinley and Riverside Avenues, are two-sided only.  

"We believe it may be time to install a new look kiosk," Lowe said. 

Although no date has been set, Lowe expects a new unit to be installed or repairs to the old unit to be made by mid-to-late October. 

The kiosk has been moved from its original location and no police reports have been filed at this time. The cost of the repair is unknown. 

Andrew Smith contributed to this report.