Cardinal eSports wants to unite all students interested in esports, not just competitive gamers, in its quest for continued growth on campus.

The club, founded in the fall of 2016, started as a branch of the Electronic Gaming League for players who wanted to compete rather than just play with friends for fun. It quickly developed into something larger when club co-founders Chase Neukam and Drew Baker started competing in TESPA, a collegiate esports organization, joining schools from across the country.

Going into their second semester, Neukam, the club’s current president, hopes to be able to connect all students with interest in esports, not just the gamers. 

“We’re trying to branch it out to where you don’t just have to play video games,” he said. “Maybe you’re not good at playing but if this is the industry you want to work in, we’re going to try and set you up.”

The club’s chief of coordinators, Corbin Creedon, said the club has positions in many different areas of the esports industry.

“This club is not just for gamers,” Creedon said. “There are many opportunities to help out in the club. We have executive, caster and many more positions that still need to be filled.”

Neukam used last year as a preparation year to get everything sorted out, like the club’s constitution and the framework of the club’s hierarchy. Now, he wants to start spreading the word.

“This year we’re ready to start getting out there and advertising the club because of our membership numbers,” he said.

Some of his goals for the club’s first full school year involve throwing watch parties for esports events and hosting a tournament to invite clubs from schools around the Midwest to participate. 

His main goal, though, is to guide the club through more executive turnover after this year when it sees the last of its founders leave.

“I want to make the sure that the club is in order,” Neukam said. “I want for people throughout the club to see a clear process so that next year they can take the same process and run with it so the club does not diminish or die.”

In order to achieve these goals, Neukam and the club want as much help and as many members as they can get to continue the rapid growth of the club.

Cardinal eSports meets the first Tuesday of every month and weekly over the club’s online Discord voice chat server.