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Nathan DeYoung had to persevere through several trial and errors looking for a summer internship before finally finding a spot at The Weather Channel in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The Weather Channel was looking for a candidate that had a wide range of knowledge to work as their live programming intern and the self-proclaimed “weather geek” had a few standards of his own.

“I wanted an internship that would be able to challenge me and so that’s kind of what drew me to this internship,” said the junior telecommunications, journalism and meteorology major.

Throughout his first weeks, DeYoung had to adapt to whatever program he was working on for the basic cable and satellite television channel. He wrote and produced for many different shows, meaning his schedule was often changing.

DeYoung was able to rotate through different department jobs offered by The Weather Channel. He even was able to glance into the legal aspect of the channel and their responsibilities as well as talk to the on-camera meteorologist. 

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“I think that the most amazing thing that I took away from this internship was seeing the mass capacity that weather affects people and being able to help assist in telling that story was amazing,” DeYoung said.

In the last five weeks of his internship, DeYoung wrote and produced content for Local Now, an app created by The Weather Channel. The app’s feed is composed of news stories based on the user's zip code. DeYoung was able to find, write and produce stories for it.

The aspiring meteorologist spent 10 weeks exploring his passion that stemmed from discussions with his grandparents on their farm. Now, viewing The Weather Channel from his television in Indiana will never be the same.

“I missed it the moment I walked out the door," DeYoung said. "The car ride from Atlanta back to Indiana is about eight hours total in trip time. And those were a long eight hours in which I was thinking ‘Wow, I wish I was back there already.’”

The experience was humbling for DeYoung, and he said he hopes that any other student looking for an internship follows in his footsteps and continues to be persistent in their search of a great opportunity.