School may be out, but there's plenty that's been happening on Ball State's campus and in Muncie this past week.

From the arrival of the university's president, the chopping down of a campus staple, FBI arriving in Muncie and one graduate going to pursue her dream in Broadway, here are the top stories from this week.

Ball State's 'gum tree' landmark gets chopped down - May 14, 2017

A student-created landmark was chopped down this weekend at Ball State. All that is left of the famous "Gum Tree" is its stump, gum intact.

When students found out, posts of disapproval started surfacing all over social media, especially Twitter. As word spread, more and more students demanded answers. ... Read more.

President Mearns - everything from his first day - May 15, 2017

Geoffery S. Mearns has some big plans for Ball State.

As the university's 17th president, Mearns is very goal oriented with how he will approach his job as president. He believes a crucial aspect in the near future is to reach out to the people.

“The first thing I need to do is meet people and build relationships – that’s how I can learn what has made this institution outstanding for nearly 100 years," he said. ... Read more.

Ball State graduate to appear on Broadway - May 16, 2017

This summer, Kayla "Davion" Robertson had planned to tour Switzerland and France with the Ball State Jazz Band as well as be part of the ensemble for “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the St. Louis Municipal Opera Theatre.

But, those plans changed once the now Ball State graduate received a phone call explaining that she landed a part in the ensemble of the Broadway musical “Waitress,” and is the understudy for a character named Dawn. ... Read more.

David Letterman to receive nation's top prize for comedy - May 17, 2017

WASHINGTON (AP) — David Letterman’s job was to make America laugh five nights a week, but he also didn’t mind making his audience uncomfortable. The late-night host’s irascible, independent streak inspired fierce loyalty from fans and critics and led to his being honored with the nation’s top prize for humor. ... Read more.

Ball State promotes Repp to dean of CAP - May 17, 2017

Philip Repp has been chosen as dean of the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State.

Repp, who served as interim since September 2015 when Guillermo Vasquez de Velasco stepped down after a eight-year tenure, will now oversee the Departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning. ... Read more.

FBI, state police investigating Muncie Sanitary District - May 18, 2017

Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Indiana State police investigators were at the Muncie Sanitary District Engineering Office on Kilgore Avenue Thursday morning.

Chris Bavender, a public affairs specialist of the FBI Indianapolis office said, "I can confirm that there is investigative activity going on in the area." ... Read more.

A closer look at Ball State athletic's 5-year contract with Nike - May 18, 2017

Ball State athletics recently signed a five-year contract with Nike, making the apparel company the exclusive equipment and clothing provider of the Cardinals 19 varsity athletic teams.

The new contract, which term runs from Sept. 1, 2017 through Aug. 31, 2022, comes in as the renewal of the parties original college team sales/supply contract – which began on June 1, 2014 – was nearing its end on May 31, 2017. ... Read more.