The University Council is currently in the early stages of deciding whether or not veteran students at Ball State should receive priority registration. 

Veteran students would not have priority for Fall 2017 classes, but committee chair Dan Waechter said he thinks it is “highly possible” for priority registration to be available for Spring 2018 time tickets.

The admissions and credits committee in University Council is currently researching the idea, but it originated from David Chalfant, the adult focus adviser who works with veteran students, after attending an advising conference last October and learning that a university in Florida gave priority registration to its veteran students.

“It was a great idea and I felt we should consider implementing it as well,” Chalfant said in an email.

Not only would priority registration "show respect to veterans," but it would make the transition from “soldier to college student” less challenging as it may aid in balancing school and family life, Chalfant said.

Waechter agrees.

“[Veterans] certainly are coming from a much different world perspective than a typical freshman or sophomore or junior, so is there anything special that the university can do?” Waechter said. “Oftentimes, as nontraditional students, they have families they are caring for, and so that enters into the mix as well.”

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Although he does not feel the need to be further recognized for his service, Marine veteran and freshman psychology and criminology major Sterling Armstrong knows not all veteran students feel the same way.

“Some guys, they feel like they don’t really get the respect that they deserve, just on a general basis once they get back [from duty],” Armstrong said.

Armstrong said priority registration might better benefit ROTC students working up military ranks because they need to graduate from college to qualify to be an officer.

This is not the first time the university governance system has discussed registration for military students. The Student Government Association presented legislation to the University Council proposing that ROTC students, not veterans, be given priority registration.

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The legislation was sent back to SGA to narrow the focus of the bill. However, Waechter said ROTC priority registration is not being ignored by the committee.

“I think we’re already interested in learning the number of students who are enrolled in the ROTC program, should that be part of the consideration,” Waechter said. “Everything right now is in discussion stage. There hasn’t been any type of motion or action item for us to move forward with our proposal.”

The committee will meet March 28 to discuss the research that has been compiled.