Walk into Body Language Tattoo in the Village and there might be something out of the ordinary: people with toys.

Chad Rowe, a tattoo artist at Body Language, started a raffle where the prize is a $300 tattoo credit. The cost for entry is a toy for Toys for Tots.

He said wanted a fast and easy way to get lots of toys to donate to the organization.

The credit can be used for a new tattoo or to offset the cost of an existing bill. The average amount Rowe sees college students spending is $60-$120.

The $300 credit is worth:

-About three to four hours of tattoo work

-A sizable tattoo (but not a back piece)

Estimates according to Rowe.

“I like to give to a charity each year,” Rowe said. “It was really a spur-of-the-moment decision.”

When a customer brings in a toy, they get two entries into the raffle. If a person doesn’t want to donate a toy, they can still donate $10 and get one entry.

“The initial idea was to ask for tips in the form of toys,” Rowe said. “But I thought I’d get more results if I started a raffle and offered something in return.”

If a customer tips Rowe $10 or more, he puts their name in the raffle once and the money goes to buying more toys.

So far, Rowe has collected $300 in cash. He has about 30 toys, but he said the results have still exceeded his expectations.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “But it’s been working really well.”

Rowe will be taking donations until Dec. 19. He will take the toys to the Muncie Fire Department, which also donated to the cause.

For those who miss the deadline, Rowe said he’s thinking of doing this again next year.

“I like to give something back,” he said. “This is a way to make sure kids have toys for Christmas.”