The search for a new president is slowly moving forward.

Applications were due last month, and now the 16-member search committee is working on narrowing down the candidate pool to a “manageable” number they can interview, said Matt Momper, chair of the search committee and a board trustee. Momper would not say, however, how many people “manageable” was because it could fluctuate at any point in the process.

The university got “a ton” of applications, Momper said, and the committee was excited about the quality of candidates they have to work with.

Although the search may seem like it’s going slow — Ball State has been without a president for more than 10 months now — Momper said they just want to do it right.

“We are really being as thorough as thorough can be,” Momper said. “We’ve had extra meetings just because we’re taking the time to really do it right.”

This extra thorough search, however, does not have anything to do with former president Paul W. Ferguson’s short tenure at Ball State, Momper said.

Because the search is closed, students will not know who the final candidates are — only the person chosen to be the next university president.

Momper said the closed search was great because it gives candidates the freedom to apply without having to tell their current jobs that they’re considering leaving.

The exact timeline for the search is still unknown, but Momper said they are where they want to be in the process.

“We’re taking the time to really do it right,” he said.