Republican Donald Trump has won the presidential contest in Indiana, with home-state Gov. Mike Pence on the ticket as his running mate.

Trump topped Democrat Hillary Clinton to become the 12th Republican to carry Indiana in the last 13 presidential elections. The victory gives Trump Indiana's 11 electoral votes.

Taylor Bell, a freshman psychology and English major was not happy with the results. 

“I’m actually disappointed,” Bell said. "But I felt like Trump was always going to win Indiana. I’m really scared that Trump is going to win, but we still have a long way to go, about 70 percent of the results, so I’m still hopeful that it’ll be Clinton.”

Jonny Robinson, a freshman secondary English education major said he believes the state will always side with the Republican party. 

"It doesn't surprise me because Indiana, I feel, is always gonna be pretty strongly Republican, but it does surprise me that with Pence running as his vice president that he did still win because Trump is so disliked in Indiana," Robinson said. 

Ja'Brea Taylor, a freshman biology major, said that while she thinks it's a historic night for the country, she is not surprised that Trump won Indiana. 

"You see all his signs. I haven't seen one Clinton sign in Indiana," Taylor said. "I just hope the country doesn't get worse. This election has showed how messed up the country is. I'm scared."

Neither candidate paid much attention to Indiana during the campaign. Trump essentially clinched the Republican nomination with his victory in Indiana's May primary.

Trump was heavily favored to win Indiana even before he picked Pence as his vice presidential candidate just before the GOP convention in July.