This holiday season, new technology will be released and older tech will drop in price. Before that, there are four updates to check out on some of the most popular social media apps already on the market.

1. Phantom 4 drone

DJI released the Phantom 4, a drone that offers aerial imaging solution to consumers. The camera has a 1/2.3- inch sensor and five advanced sensors: two at the front, one at the rear and one each on the left and right of the drone. Advances in this new drone contains 4K video and smarter navigation.

2. Go live with Instagram stories

Instagram now allows you to do live video on stories and gives you the option to direct-message friends for a short time. The difference between Instagram video and Facebook video is that unlike Facebook, you cannot go back and watch live video on Instagram stories. Instead Instagram only allows you to see what’s happening live in the moment.

3. New Snapchat update

Snapchat has come out with a new update this month that allows the user to press and hold on a snap to send it to a friend. The update also allows you to tap the left side of the screen to go back and view a previous story. It also allows the user to tap on your face while video chatting to use lenses.

4. Tumblr update

The new Tumblr update brings a quick way to send a post within the app. All users have to do is hold the airplane, then drag their finger to the Tumblr that they want to send a post to.

5. Facebook Update

Facebook will ban fake news sites from using ads starting in November after users were framing fake news stories as facts, especially during the election. While this will not completely eliminate fake news stories from the news feed, it does mean that users will see fewer ads promoting stories from fake news sites.