During Sunday afternoons on campus, there’s a group of students equipped with Nerf guns and bandanas tied around their heads and arms.

For those wondering who the group running around campus, looking like they belong in a "Call of Duty" video game is, they are part of the Urban Gaming League club.

The Urban Gaming League (UGL) is the student organization that orchestrates these campus-wide Nerf gun wars. 

To find out more about the club, you can visit their Facebook page, Urban Games League.

They are the masterminds behind Humans vs. Zombies, a one week game that takes place once a semester and is continually played throughout the entire week — even during classes. They also put on capture the flag, which takes place every Friday.

UGL has been looking to reach more people on campus through theses on-campus events.

“We used to be a really casual club, but now we are growing. We are trying to get more of the underclassmen so that we can keep it going,” said senior dietetics major and UGL member Calvin Goddard.

Despite these events, the club is not as large as other student organizations on campus, but it hopes to expand in order to reach more students in the near future.

As it gets cooler out, the group may begin to see less participants throughout the campus, because a lot of its student popularity relies on the weather. 

“Sometimes 20 people come out, it just really varies with the weather,” Goddard said. 

For now, the club continues to play all throughout campus, but it tries to keep the warfare in places where there aren’t too many people to disturb.

“We change locations, zones, around every 10 minutes or so. We go to different stuff, some areas have benches and hills," Goddard said.

Before becoming a member of UGL, students are required to sign a waiver as a safety precaution beforehand.