One student has created his own webshow to showcase the stories behind the tattoos of Ball State students.

The webshow, called "Paradox Ink," released a promotional video on Facebook on Sept. 18 that has amassed more than 2,400 views in less than a week. The webshow is inspired by shows like "Ink Master" and "Miami Ink."

Briar Curtsinger, a sophomore telecommunications major and founder of the new webseries, hosts the show and plays an edgy, alternative and reckless character named The En?gma.

Curtsinger has worked on The En?gma character most of his life and said the personality is a “culmination of everything I’ve seen and everything I’ve always wanted to be.”

He sees the character as an embodiment of his own “schizophrenic ramblings” and compares the personality to a “beautiful masterpiece of art.” He described the character as artistic, secluded and interested in metal music.

“He is secluded but he is the life of the party. He hates people yet people like him,” Curtsinger said.

If "Paradox Ink" ends up being successful, Curtsinger would like to expand on The En?gma character through an independent webshow.

“The En?gma isn’t going to be exclusive just to 'Paradox Ink.'  It’s something I live my life as. I live the character. That will be around in almost everything I do,” he said.

The webshow was originally called "Ball State Ink," but the name has since been changed due to legal reasons.

“I didn’t realize the name Ball State is copyrighted and I didn’t ask permission for it,” Curtsinger said. “I didn’t want to disrespect the school anyways. I love my school.”

The webshow only has the promotional video, which was completely improvised, published so far but the first episode is expected to be available on Facebook and YouTube in about three weeks. 

The guests for the first few episodes are people Curtsinger already knows. He hopes more people become interested after the first couple of episodes are released.

The reaction from Ball State students has been positive and students are getting excited for the first episode.

Clark Hutchings, a sophomore undecided major, has three tattoos and said he likes the concept of the web show.

“I have watched tattoo shows in the past and this does seem interesting, not to mention that it’s something Ball State related,” Hutchings said. “It would be something I’d watch.”

Emily Whitten, a freshman psychology major, has a tattoo that represents how her dad and herself are alike. She liked the promotional video and is interested in the stories behind people’s tattoos.

“I think the show is a great idea because I always wonder what people's tattoos mean since mine has so much meaning to me," Whitten said. “I also think it would be great for people around Ball State to see their peers and get an understanding of people they don't even know.”

Adam Shaver, a freshman social studies education major, believes the show will appeal to millennials in general because many have tattoos.

“This generation likes tattoos a little bit more [than the older generation] and people are becoming more accepting to the idea,” Shaver said. “He is going to be on the frontline making it better for this generation and its culture.” 

You can learn more about the new webshow on its Facebook page.