There might not be much privacy when living on campus, but after freshman year, students are free to live on or off campus, living however they please. And while that might be an easy decision for students to make, it might not be so easy to decide where it is they want to go.

The Roost, a housing guide sponsored by the Haven, helps students navigate living off campus On Sept. 28, the Roost will be hosting its annual housing fair in the Atrium from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The fair will highlight new changes to the program, such as a roommate finder, new categories for an apartment search and classified listings.

Some students, including sophomore animation major Katlin Bales, found adjusting to on-campus living to be tough — which is what pushed her to move into her apartment at Silvertree Communities.

"I love having my own space. I feel the dorms were just far too small to have two students in along with their personal belongings," Bales said.

While a lack of space was motivation for Bales to seek a home off campus, she also found underlying roommate obligations to be another factor.

"I do not feel obligated to be awake or asleep to fit my roommate's schedule," Bales said. "One of my roommates, while I lived in the dorms, was such a night owl. She was up until 2 a.m. and slept until noon."

While living off campus gives students more freedom, Bales did warn of its disadvantages.

"If you decide to move off campus you need to be prepared to work so much more than if you were living in the dorms. It's very easy to forget projects, homework or readings," Bales said.

Freedom, privacy and personal space are all advantages of living off campus, Bales said, but as sophomore telecommunications major Alexis Alicea said, there are perks to living on campus.

"The walking back and forth to class can get a little irritating at times," Alecia said. "I miss having my 'home' right on campus. I also find myself not using campus resources, such as the library or campus dining, as much."

When looking for off-campus housing, Alecia, who now lives in Cardinal Pointe apartments, said there were many factors for her move, but two big motivators were location and price,

"I liked where [Cardinal Pointe Apartments] was located. Being on Riverside makes commuting a little bit easier. Also, the rent had a big impact on my decision. The rent here isn't too bad when split up between two people," Alecia said.

For more information, visit Ball State's online housing guide to find out more about living off campus.