The sensation one gets after completing a rigorous workout is oftentimes one of empowerment. The blood is rushing and adrenaline is high. 

For the Ball State Runners; Association (BRSA), there is no better way to get in some exercise than with support from friends. 

For some, competition fuels the drive that motivates them to keep going, while for others competition can bring on anxiety and take the fun out of the sport. The club offers opportunities for those who want to fuel their competitive mind and for those who just want to run because they enjoy it.

The opportunity to take a step back from competition is what drew Kendra Storz, the club's vice president, to join. 

“I always loved to run, I did cross country in high school but decided not to join the team because I did not enjoy the competitive side of the sport," she said. “Run club allowed me to continue to run without the added pressure to compete.”

A typical meet for the club, which happens every Monday through Friday, contains an environment that is laidback and filled with friendly competition. 

Depending on the day, there will be several routes that can vary anywhere from three to six miles, which allows the club to cater to the runners' individual needs. 

A team member who may be training for a marathon can go on a 6-mile run, while someone who just wants to get some fresh air and run with friends can chose to go on a 3-mile run. 

On Fridays, the club has “fun days” where members go out and participate in other activities such as volleyball or Frisbee, which allows them to let loose and have fun as well as diversify their workouts.

While BSRA does not pressure members to compete, there are still many opportunities available to so through the club if a member is interested.

The club is both planned and led by students, which makes the it able to alter workouts and events as they choose.

MC5 is a race hosted by Ball State that took place Sept. 24 this year. It is the biggest race the runners in BSRA compete in against other clubs from other colleges such as IU and Purdue, as well as other colleges from out of state.

While it is a running club, the group is still very involved together outside of the club. 

They go on outings such as pasta dinners and ice skating in the winter and bowling in the spring, which brings the members closer as teammates and friends.

Nick Ensinger, the club's secretary, said the social aspect is what makes the club unique.

“I think what makes Ball State Runners' Association special apart from other clubs is that it is completely free, if you don’t want to compete," he said. "We take all levels, and we are a very social club who cares about all of our members. I am not saying that other clubs don’t do these things, but I think we excel at it.”

Anyone is welcome to join in on the runs during practice to get some exercise in and meet new friends. 

For those who would like to participate in other events, such as meets and outings, there is a $30 fee that pays for a semester or $50 that pays for the year. This fee goes toward helping pay for competition and transportation fees for out-of-state meets.

More information on the team's workout schedule is located on the Ball State Runners' Association Facebook page