This month in the ever changing world of technology, we saw familiar features and app fixes. Ranging from Instagram stories to new security measures, there was always something buzzing about in the app store.


Beme is an app created by Youtube vlogger Matt Hackett and filmmaker Casey Neistat. Originally launched in July of 2015, updates were added this month fixing bug issues and viewing quality. 

Essentially, this app blends Instagram and Vine. The way it works is that you record a video ranging from 2 - 8 seconds, then upload it to the app's main page. From there, your friends can view the short clip and even record their reaction to the video for you to see.


Companion is an app that was originally launched in 2014, with new safety feature added this month: a safety pin being required to access the app. The way the app works is that you plug in your current location and destination. 

From there, you choose from the list of contacts in your phone who you would like to be your “companion,” the people who can watch your movement as you go from Point A to Point B. The app monitors your movement, like if you begin to speed up or if your phone begins to shake or drops to the ground suddenly. If you don’t respond within a 15-second timeframe your “companions” are immediately notified. is a new app that launched in early August. It has a large selection of stand-up comedy bits in the app's library of media. You can choose from a variety of comedians, such as Kevin Hart or Amy Schumer, and download your favorite bit directly from your mobile phone whenever and wherever.

Instagram Stories

Instagram added a new feature this month that strikingly resembles Snapchat. The new Instagram stories feature allows people to take photos or videos and upload them to their 'story,' which appears on Instagram’s home page. Just like you would on Snapchat, this new features includes the option to doodle and caption your artwork before you upload it.