The Digital Literature Review immersive learning class will host its third annual journal launch gala from 5-8 p.m. April 25 in the Schwartz Digital Complex in Bracken Library.

The DLR class produces a national online academic journal written, edited, designed and published by Ball State students.

This year, the journal focused on Freak Shows and Human Zoos.

Joyce Huff, an English professor who advises the class, explained there were many different topics the students could research this year.

“The students of DLR investigated topics such as the display of magical creatures in 'Harry Potter,' the evolution of drag queens from freaks to celebrities, the invisible fat lady in 'The Big Bang Theory' and the exhibiting of incubator babies at the Coney Island sideshow,” Huff said in an email.

Students attending the gala will view poster presentations by the staff members and learn more about the experience of creating the journal itself.

Bryce Longenberger, a senior English studies major, enjoyed being able to experience what editing and publishing is really like.

“Personally, I benefited from the DLR by gaining real-world knowledge about digital editing and publishing. I also gained experience in working in a fast-paced environment and ways of conducting myself as a professional instead of just a student,” Longenberger said. “But, I also got the opportunity to meet some great people and have a ton of fun.”