Ball State student Eva Wehrle was involved in a bicycle accident at 8:34 a.m. Sept. 16 at the intersection of New York Avenue and Neely Avenue. University marketing previously said it was a male on the bike. 

The junior elementary education major said she was on her way to work when a moving vehicle struck her. 

"I stopped at the crosswalk when the car [at the intersection] was there stopped as well," Wehrle said. "I double-checked my surroundings before proceeding to ride across, and the car that hit me decided to go at the same time."

Wehrle said the the moving vehicle hit the back tire of her bicycle, knocking her off of the bike and into the intersection. The unidentified female driver stopped and got out of her car to assist Wehrle. Two other witnesses also approached the scene to call for help. 

Wehrle did not leave with emergency personnel, saying, "she didn't feel too hurt." Paramedics advised Wehrle to go to the hospital if she felt her condition worsen throughout the day.

"After work, I started feeling nauseous, so my roommate took me to the ER, where they then ran tests and determined that I have a concussion," Wehrle said. "Other than that, I have bruises all down my right side."

The driver claims she hit Wehrle because the sun was in her eyes and she could not see the bicycle in the intersection, Wehrle said. 

Previous story:

A Ball State student was involved in a bicycle accident at 8:34 a.m. Sept. 16 at the intersection of New York Avenue and Neely Avenue, according to university officials.

Ball State spokesperson Marc Ransford said a male was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a moving vehicle.

“At the scene, the student complained of shoulder and shin pain,” Ransford said. “The injuries were minor.”

Ransford added the student refused treatment at the scene and no hospital transportation was required.