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Embracing femininity with ‘Splatoon 2’

09/07/2018 2:24pm

A few months ago, when researching gender norms in clothing, I discovered we tend to value feminine qualities less than masculine ones. We are much more accepting of girls, for instance, who wear “boy shorts” or blazers than we are of boys who wear leggings or crop tops. Since social progress is important to me, I think we need to value both our feminine and masculine sides equally. Oddly enough, a video game from Nintendo provides inspiration. 

Disregarding the gender norms of clothing

03/13/2019 8:29am

Women are free to wear any apparel they desire. Society has deemed it acceptable for them to break gender norms and wear sweats and suits. But when it comes to guys trying to do the same? It’s a struggle, no doubt.

Gaming Disorder: what it means

04/18/2018 8:50am

The debate around gaming’s health benefits and adverse effects is again taking center stage with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recent proposal to add “Gaming Disorder” to its list of diseases.

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