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LGBTQ-friendly music for your Valentines day

02/14/2020 4:00pm

Every year, Feb. 14 rolls around to provide the world with a very particular feeling; the feeling of pressure, love, disappointment, and a certain capitalistic expression of love and devotion that we cannot seem to shake. No matter what the 14th brings you, at least we have love songs. In particular, the industry has recently been booming with queer love songs that deserve recognition and could accompany you and a loved one or significant other this Valentine’s Day. 

Remixed S4E3 - King Princess' 'Cheap Queen' & Kanye

11/04/2019 4:54pm

Welcome to this week's episode of Remixed! For the latest episode of Remixed, we talk about the release of Kanye West's new album and the baggage and controversy that comes with it, the artist-led boycott of Amazon's upcoming music festival, and dive deep into the debut record of the one and only King Princess!

Outlet takes home eleventh straight Air Jam trophy

10/21/2019 4:08pm

The homecoming season brings plenty of energetic events jam-packed with school spirit. Every year, Ball State hosts the annual Air Jam in Emens Auditorium. Air Jam features different student organizations like residence halls, independent organizations, and Greek life. The groups choreograph and lip-sync to popular music. At the end of the show, the performers receive awards like fan favorite, Independent winner, and overall winner.

Here's The Tea S2E1 - Jake and Tana's Divorce

08/31/2019 4:04pm

Welcome back to Here’s The Tea! This week, we’re discussing the recent mayhem between the divorce of Tana and Jake Paul. Also, there is conflict with Priyanka Chopra serving as an ambassador for the UN. Find out all of this and more on this week’s episode of Here’s the Tea!

What's really behind concert culture

02/22/2019 1:09pm

Ball State junior Ashley Vega has found some beautiful opportunities within her love for music and concerts. Her passion for music has brought her a whole group of friends and even decided her career path.