SOFTBALL: Ball State, Milian earn another shutout

The Cardinals' first game of the day against Eastern Michigan was canceled due to snowy weather conditions. Ball State and Northern Colorado, however, were able to play their game indoors within Devine Pavilion.


WOMEN'S GOLF: Cardinals head to Georgia for tournament

Ball State coach Katherine Mowat said that simply getting an invite to the tournament in Stockbridge, Ga., was an honor. Host Georgia State University, Arkansas State University, University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Xavier University are among the teams that will be competing in the tournament.


GYMNASTICS: Upon further review, Ball State defeats Eastern Michigan

At the end of the meet, a judges' review found that Ball State's Christa Greinke's floor score had been undervalued, raising it by 0.05 and giving the Cardinals the lead. Eastern Michigan also put in two score appeals, but they did not change the Eagles' score, giving the win to Ball State.

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