Cold start to april

Weather Forecaster Adam Feick has the latest on the cold start to April and when you can expect to see the return of sunshine and temperatures back up into the 70's.


Underrated Female Video Game Streamers

Growing up playing a lot of video games, I noticed the lack of female representation to be a regular issue in the gaming community. Even now, a majority of gamers that I watch are men, and I hate that.  There are a lot of women who play video games but aren’t often given the opportunity to be seen without judgment— or at all. I want to start trying to change not only the lack of support for female gamers but the idea that it’s so easy for them to be successful. Therefore,  here is my list of underrated female streamers in the gaming community.


The Coven S8E1: Fighting back against stereotypes

Welcome back to another episode of the Coven! On this special Women's History month episode, join us as we discuss Asian women in the media, the fetishization, and stereotypes of Asian women, and how this plays into the recent string of hate crimes against many Asian Americans. Tune in for all this and more on another episode of the Coven! Hosts: Shwetha Sundarrajan & Lizzie Nguyen Edited by: Shwetha Sundarrajan Graphic by: Taylor Sheridan


#TimesUp: Representing Women in the Film Industry

The entertainment industry has been under scrutiny for how they include underrepresented communities within their work, specifically for the industry’s lack of inclusion. While this knowledge was never new, talk of this trend became even more apparent since the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement blew up in 2017 after actresses spoke up about sexual harassment cases involving Harvey Weinstein. Both movements brought personal stories of women who face social injustices out of the woodwork and, specifically for the topic of this article regarding the entertainment industry, shaped an activist community whose motive is to demand equal representation and respect from all parties involved in the entertainment industry, i.e. casting, salary, award shows, etc. 


Q+A with Monty Geer

Actor and comedian Monty Geer was relatively not as well-known when he was trying to make it big in the TV industry. That was until he landed a role on MTV’s drama/comedy Awkward. The show lasted five seasons and won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Comedy. Geer played lanky, tall geek Cole Higgins, a recurring character on the show’s last two seasons. Since the show’s ending in 2016, the actor has been doing small projects here and there along with his own stand-up act in LA. Geer took the time to speak with me about his past career and the hard work and perseverance that got him where he is today.


Peach Tree Rascals’ ‘Camp Nowhere’ is just peachy

With the instrumentals and use of electric, synthpop, the Peach Tree Rascals make the music of the ‘70s “cool” again. Artists like Poolside and Harry Styles are brought to mind when listening through. The band brings a fresh, unique sound to the pop and hip-hop communities that will surely stand out from other artists today.


Wrapped Up S1E8- Production Studios strike again! Can theaters survive COVID?

Welcome back to another episode of Byte's news podcast, "Wrapped Up"! In this episode, Kellyn Harrison reports on the biggest hits movie theaters took this week. From Disney placing Cruella and Black Widow on Disney Plus to Warner Bros. making deals with Regal Cinemas, nobody knows whether theaters can survive the madness! But that's not it! Listen in on the latest anime news, Broadway updates, and whether Discord will be under a completely new owner!  


Input 2 S9E4: King Kong vs. Godzilla

  Welcome back to another episode of Input 2! In this episode, join us as we discuss the anticipated Godzilla vs. Kong movie! Who will win? How did King Kong and Godzilla come about? Tune in to find out the history of the two characters, outcomes, and theories about the film, and more on this week's episode of Input 2! Hosts: Dylan Walter, Sam Shipe, and Blake Chapman Edited by: Dylan Walter Graphic by: Kellyn Harrison


Are Theaters Recovering?

The one-year anniversary of theaters closing has come and gone, and yet things have not gone back to normal. Many theaters have reopened their doors, but studios including Disney, Universal, and Sony have been reluctant to release their major blockbusters in the hopes of being able to have a normal theatrical release after the pandemic subsides. 


Artist of the Month: Seori

One of the best feelings in the world in finding new music through an artist that you already love. Recently I was listening to songs by the artist eaJ, also known as Jae from the K-pop band Day6, when I came across a collaboration he had done with an artist I had never heard of called Seori, a South Korean R&B artist. Naturally I clicked on the video to listen to it, and it took approximately 30 seconds for me to completely fall in love with her voice. The song “It just is” captured Seori’s dream-like voice that makes you connect to both the song and the emotions that come with realizing you are in love, even if you do not speak Korean. I was hooked and I needed to hear more of her voice.

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