YouTube TV subscription service revealed, launching this Spring

Amidst the seemingly endless supply of subscription-based television options, YouTube has decided to throw its hat into the ring with the announcement of YouTube TV. Priced at $35 a month, the service – which will launch this Spring – will offer subscribers a number of channels from the four major networks: Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC. The base package will include three dozen different channels. YouTube TV will offer other benefits to subscribers as well, even with the basic package. These include a cloud-based DVR with unlimited storage, a recommendation system backed by Google AI, and the promise of a reliable and adaptable streaming experience. The service, which will be provided through its own app, is being billed as a “mobile first” service, which means that it will be tailored to users who enjoy watching content on their phones. However, users will still be able to watch TV on their laptops, computers, or on traditional televisions via Chromecast devices. With so many options available for streaming television content, I’m curious whether YouTube’s offering will catch on or get lost in the crowd. We will have to wait to find out when the service launches in the Spring.


Xbox introduces new Game Pass subscription service

Xbox has announced via press release a new subscription service: Xbox Game Pass. “Xbox Game Pass gives you unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and backward compatible Xbox 360 games – all for $9.99 per month, backward,” said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox. This new service spans both Xbox One and Windows 10 games (backward compatible titles) and features developers such as 2K, Deep Silver, and SEGA. While the Xbox One and backward-compatible games will be available at launch, PC gamers will have to wait a bit for Windows 10 services. This service is similar to Sony’s PlayStation Now, a game streaming service launched back in 2014 but has one key difference. Xbox Game Pass will allow you to download the games, meaning “continuous, full-fidelity gameplay without having to worry about streaming, bandwidth, or connectivity issues.” No release date was given only that it will be “broadly available later this spring,” and will launch with titles such as Halo 5: Guardians and NBA 2K16, with new titles coming in each month.


‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’ leaked

Target leaked the sequel to the 2014 game Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor via their website today. As of now the listing was removed from the website. However, it revealed the story will continue with Talion’s skills and Celebrimbor’s wraith magic in their quest for revenge against Sauron.


Latest ‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ gameplay covers profiles and squads

Last week, BioWare released the first part of its gameplay video series for Mass Effect: Andromeda. That video covered the game’s weapons and abilities. The second video in the series has now been released, this time featuring an in-depth look at the game’s character profile system, favorites menu, and squad combat. You can watch the video below:


Martin Scorsese’s new movie is getting picked up by Netflix

Martin Scorsese, director of movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Goodfellas and The Departed, has a production offer on his newest film The Irishman after being announced seven years ago. Digital distribution giant Netflix made the deal to buy production rights on Scorsese’s film, and are in the process of closing on the deal. The movie was originally slated to be made by Paramount Pictures, who backed out upon the departure of Brad Grey, Paramount’s 12-year chairman. This is not Netflix’s first attempt at producing a movie. Beasts of No Nation, also produced by Netflix, was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2016. The Irishman adopts Charles Brandt’s novel “I Heard You Paint Houses” for the film. The novel follows hitman Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, who worked for the Bufalino crime family and confessed to over 25 hits, including the murder of Jimmy Hoffa, and also claimed to know about the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Robert DeNiro is set to star in the film, marking his ninth collaboration with Scorsese. Al Pacino and Joe Pesci are rumored to have also expressed interest but have not been confirmed. The Irishman is currently in development and set to release in 2019.


ON THE LOOKOUT: 'Get Out' is experience to remember

Between the whoops and hollers from the crowd, "Get Out" proved to be a rollercoaster ride of a movie. Anyone sitting in the audience of 200 or so college students could clearly tell that this wasn’t just a movie to go watch, but an experience to remember.


Leaked Nintendo Switch consoles originally stolen from distributer

In an earlier report, published on Friday, it was reported that a few customers had received their Nintendo Switch consoles early. The NeoGAF user known as hiphoptherobot was one such customer who showed the operating system, claiming that it was luck that got him his pre-ordered Nintendo Switch weeks in advance. Well, according to Nintendo, that was not the case. Nintendo stated that some of the consoles were lost and stolen by a distributor in the United States. Hiphoptherobot’s Switch was retrieved from the US distributor, which he shipped back upon Nintendo’s request, due to the fact that the console was stolen property. He said in a private online interview with Kotaku, that “I understand why they want it back and it sounds like that Switch might have been obtained in not the legalist [sic]of ways before I received it so them wanting it back is within their rights.” The NeoGAF user claimed that he did not realize that the Switch console that he purchased was previously stolen. In Nintendo’s statement to IGN, they said that they would like for “everyone being able to discover the wonders of the new system for themselves at that time.” With all of the hype surrounding the console, people have been excited to discover what all the system has to offer and how powerful it truly is. But, from the sound of that statement, they will have to wait as Nintendo wants to keep every secret that they can about this console until its release on March 3.


Lana Del Rey’s latest video is a vintage romance set in space

Lana Del Rey has released her latest music video for the single “Love,” the first from her unreleased fifth studio album slated to be released later this year. The video itself centers around a typical tale of romance set in Del Rey’s trademark “West-Coast” setting until the pair of lovers ride off into space, vintage car and all.

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