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Keeping Tabs on MAC Football and Ball State Weekly Injury Reports

In the world of Mid-American Conference (MAC) football, staying informed about injuries is a vital part of the game. Injury reports play a crucial role in shaping the outcomes of games. They also have an impact on betting odds and influence team strategies.

The College Factor: How Age-Gap Relationships Survive the Freshman Year

As the start of the new college year approaches, many couples in age-gap relationships might feel apprehensive. College life brings about changes and can put relationship dynamics to the test for those with partners of different ages. We’re here to ease your worries with our thoughts on how you can navigate all these changes together — and even stay deeply connected throughout it all! 

How To Create a Cute and Memorable Logo for Your Coffee Shop

In the bustling world of cafes and coffee shops, a well-designed logo is more than just a symbol; it's an essential part of your brand's identity. A cute and memorable logo has the power to attract customers, evoke emotions, and establish a lasting connection. 


Fly Away to Affordable, Quality Housing at The Haven!

Being a college student is not easy at all. You have academics, jobs, internships, and a social life to keep track of. Add house-hunting into the mix and it can get messy. Thinking about finding somewhere to move off-campus is another big decision that you might be dreading, and finding good quality, affordable housing can be a hassle. Finding a place to live should be made easier, and with The Haven, it is!

Why Dental Imaging Services are Essential for Your Oral Health?

This might be the time to really understand the whole purpose behind those dental visits where you're asked to bite onto a piece of plastic while a peculiar machine whirs around your head. Did you know that those all-too-familiar images are quintessential cornerstones of your oral care?

5 Back-To-School Makeup Tips To Create Beauty Looks That Last

It's that time again when you get to strut down those hallways flaunting fresh looks and maybe even a few new tricks up your sleeves. This isn't just about acing your exams — it’s about ensuring you feel confident and empowered in every area of your life this school year.

Ball State vs University of Kentucky Football Preview

The 2023 college football season is barely more than a week away, with the action kicking off in earnest on Saturday, August 26. Football fans in Kentucky will have to wait a little bit longer, though: after a game between the Louisville Cardinals and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on September 1, the Bluegrass state is diving head first into the season with a game between the Ball State Cardinals and the Kentucky Wildcats in Lexington the following day.

7 Signs That You are Ready to Further Your Education

It can be difficult for even the most motivated to figure out what they want to do in life and then stick to that plan, and many situations might force someone to drop out of college. Whether you had to put your education on hold, never went to college, or want to get an advanced degree, furthering your education can help you grow personally and professionally. There are a few signs you may be ready to further your education.

An Outlook on Nursing School

Nursing school is becoming popular for many students interested in health and healthcare and want to help others with their knowledge and skills. It can be a stimulating and rewarding environment, which can help people acquire new skills and move forward in their careers. But it can also be a challenging environment with many things to learn and remember.

What Are Accelerated Bachelor Degrees and How Do They Work?

We often hear the term “accelerated bachelor” as it is becoming a popular choice for many people looking for a way to further their education or readjust the aim of their careers. In this article, we will take the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing case study as an example to understand more about this kind of degree and briefly overview its benefits and challenges. Let’s take a closer look at this exciting subject!

Working in the Field of Education and its Challenges

Working in the field of education can be a rewarding career choice. You can make a difference and impact the lives of others. At the same time, some aspects are challenging, which should be taken into account when thinking about embarking on a career in the field of education.

Benefits and Challenges of Online Education

During the pandemic, many people had to resort to online education. Due to the fact that students from all corners of the earth had to stay at home, the world of online education became the only type of education that kept learning alive.

Young female medical employee holding medical records.

Getting Deeper: What You Need To Become A Great Nurse

If you’re interested in becoming a nurse but don't know if you have what it takes, then this information is crucial for you to have. Becoming a nurse requires you to complete specific academic qualifications. Being a great nurse requires skill development outside of the educational setting.

5 Ways To Stay Comfortable During Early Labor

The anticipation of labor is akin to the buildup of a thrilling roller coaster ride. A mix of emotions — excitement, anxiety, even a dash of fear — all simmer together, creating an experience that is as unique as it is universal. One aspect that often gets lost in the conversation is comfort during early labor. 

6 Ways To Prioritize Nutrition as a College Student

Maintaining a healthy diet can be a significant challenge for college students. The demanding schedules, limited budgets, and abundance of unhealthy food options often make it difficult to prioritize nutrition. 

The Profession of Nurse Practitioner in Indiana, Pros and Cons

Being a nurse practitioner in the state of Indiana has many pros and cons that should be considered. This is a vital role in primary care, and before delving into it, you should get acquainted with all the relevant information of what are some benefits and challenges of this profession. 

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