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Warm temperatures followed by a cold front

Today: Rather warm temperatures to start off the month of October, as the high today is 13 degrees warmer than the average temperature this time of year. Plenty of sunshine on this warm and bright day of Fall!

Tonight: Temperatures will see a significant decrease by the night, dropping almost 30 degrees from the high of today. The clear skies might prove for a great night to stargaze, but some patchy fog may move in around 2am.

Tomorrow: The day will start off cooler than it ended the night before, but will increase significantly as the day continues, reaching the 80s by noon, and peaking at 86 degrees Fahrenheit around 4pm. Skies are still expected to be mostly sunny, with occasional clouds here and there.

7-Day Forecast: The week starts off warm, with temperatures reaching the upper 80s for the first three days of the week. But temperatures will drop fast as a cold front moves in, bringing with it precipitation. The precipitation is expected to reach Muncie by Thursday afternoon, and continue into early Friday morning. The cold front will begin on Thursday, dropping temperatures to the 70s, then to the 60s by Friday, and will be in full spring by the weekend, dropping temperatures to the 50s over the weekend. After a very summer-like start to fall, the temperature will finally begin to feel like fall by the weekend!

- Weather Forecaster Kaleb Murray

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