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Muncie family continues to search for answers

Donald Morris holds a poster of his daughter Ashley with a reward if found

MUNCIE, Ind.--- “I feel like half my heart is missing.”

Donald Morris is still searching for answers in the case of his missing daughter and granddaughter. 

“I’ve kept my fight alive and her face out there,” he said. 

According to court documents, Ashley Morris was reported missing in September 2013, right after her and Daniel York had a baby. Detectives believe Dan and Sheila York took Ashley’s daughter to Florida in 2015. 

Sheila filed for custody of the girl but gave false information to a judge and when Dan passed away, she took the girl to North Carolina.

“We had investigators go to North Carolina and we actually found Sheila and she was arrested,” Chief Deputy of Delaware County Sheriff Department Jeff Stanley said. 

In February, York drove back to Indiana to turn herself in and she was released on bond again. 

For law enforcement, their main goal is to get Morris’ granddaughter back home.

“Honestly the child is the one suffering right now,” Stanley said. 

Morris has not seen his granddaughter since she was 7-months-old and missed all of her first milestones.

“I never really got the chance to physically know her,” Morris said. 

Morris is now fighting for custody of his granddaughter and justice for his family.

“I want to fulfill her dreams right off the bat,” Morris said.

But until he can see them again, he wants Ashley and her daughter to know he is not letting this fight end.

“I love you both dearly and I’ll be there forever for you,” Morris said.

York’s initial hearing in Delaware County is set for March 15th and is for the kidnapping of Ashley’s daughter.

Deputy Stanley said that even though they have not determined York is involved in Ashley’s case, this is another step in their investigation.

For anyone who wants to donate to help the Morris’ legal fees, they can visit Donald Morris’ Facebook page and click the link of the GoFundMe page. 

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